First time car loan bad credit -Easy way to get a car loan with bad credit

Easy way to get a car loan with bad credit

A car loan with bad credit is not available from any German bank. It becomes similarly difficult if the customer turns to the car dealership where he has bought the new or used car that is to be financed with the car loan.

For this reason, all people who are interested in a car loan with bad credit should learn more.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a car loan with or without Credit Bureau information, a loan comparison should be at the beginning of the decision-making process. You should not only pay attention to the possible loan amount but also to the term, the monthly installments and the interest. Especially with a car loan with a bad Credit Bureau, the interest can be a bit higher than is usual with another car loan.

Ideally, the car loan comparison should be supported by a loan calculator. Here, the prospective customer would have to enter the desired loan amount and / or the term in order to subsequently obtain a current and tailored result. A car loan can be divided into a classic car loan and a car loan with a final installment.

In the former variant, the credit rates remain the same over the entire term; in the latter variant, the credit rates are relatively low during the term. In the end, a high final rate must be paid.

Credit intermediaries and foreign lenders

Credit intermediaries and foreign lenders

In Germany, it is very difficult to get a loan without the Credit Bureau. It does not matter whether it is a car loan or whether the loan is free to use. Every bank is legally obliged to obtain Credit Bureau information from its credit customers. If there are negative entries, this almost always means the end of a loan application. It looks very different from a foreign loan.

Regular income is assumed here, but no Credit Bureau information is obtained. A foreign loan does not have to be on-site but can be applied for through a German credit intermediary. However, it should be ensured that no bank has to give money away and always requires a certain minimum level of creditworthiness. Unemployed and Hartz IV recipients have bad cards when lending. This may also apply to the self-employed or freelancers.